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Children's Tour


Article 1

The Lumbrales City Council organizes the V Lumbrales Popular Race. The children's races will be held on August 11, 2.018 from 7:00 p.m., 8:00 p.m. non-competitive walkers' race and at 9:00 p.m. adult races.

This race is included in the V Provincial Circuit of Popular Races of the Diputación de Salamanca, being scoring for the final classification, you can participate in the two modalities, green (more than 8,000 m) and yellow (less than 8,000 m).

The competitive test is open to all kinds of runners, federated or non-federated, without distinction of category, sex, place of origin or social condition, and as long as they are not sanctioned for the practice of athletics by any Athletics Federation.

Those over 16 years of age may participate in the race, on the day of the race. In the mode of walkers there is no age restriction, since it is a non-competitive test.

Likewise, the participation of foreign athletes will be regulated according to the regulations of the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation.

Article 2. Registrations

Registrations can be made through the website and in person at the Lumbrales Town Hall until 23:00. in the on-line mode and until 2:00 p.m. in the offices of the City Council on August 9 or until the total of 300 registrations for adults and 200 for the children's tests are covered.

Registrations WILL HAVE A COST OF 5 EUROS for all adult participants (runners and walkers). Children's categories are free but it is mandatory to make the corresponding registration, for the record for insurance purposes.

The Organization may request any participant at the time of withdrawing the bib number or before collecting the prizes to present their DNI or any other supporting document, in order to prove the identity and date of birth of the runner.

Article 3. Hours

  • 17:00 will begin the delivery of numbers in the place provided by the organization in the surroundings of the start, in the Plaza Mayor de Lumbrales, where all the tests will begin and end.

  • 19:00 the children's races will begin, this route will be carried out through an urban circuit, closed to traffic that varies depending on the category.

  • 20:00 will start the walkers test, it is a non-competitive test, in which there will be two laps of the established circuit, making a total distance of 4 km.

  • 21:00 the start of the adult races will take place, which will have two modalities:

    1. Yellow race, there will be four laps of the established circuit, a total of 8,000 m.

    2. Green race, will be two laps to the established circuit, a total of 4,000 m.

The maximum duration of the test will be one hour and thirty minutes, the arrival control closing at 23:30.

Finally there will be the awards ceremony for all categories.

Article 4. Categories

The following categories are established:










* Age will be taken into account on race day for adult categories.

Article 5. Circuit

Route marked with marking tape, fences and the signs that the organization deems appropriate to guarantee the proper development and safety of the participants.

  1. Children's Categories

    • Lollipops: 100 m.

    • Pre-youngest: 350 m.

    • Benjamines / Alevines: 500 m.

    • Infants / Cadets: 1,000 m.

  2. The circuit is totally urban, taking into account the nature of the night test, it starts from the Plaza Mayor; continuing along Calle Larga, Pozo Nuevo, El Orden, Calle Portugalete, La Duda, El Tigre, Plaza La Barrera, Los Torrejones, Las Monjas, San Vicente de Paul, La Fandanga and finally we enter the Plaza Mayor through the street Mr. Ricardo Pinto da Costa.

    • Yellow race: 4 laps of the 8,000 m circuit.

    • Green race: 2 laps of the 4,000 m circuit.

    • Walkers: 2 laps of the 4,000 m circuit.

The organization reserves the right to make changes to the route, if it deems it appropriate.

Article 6. Awards

Trophies will be presented to the first three classified in each event, both male and female, adult and child categories.

A special recognition will be given to the absolute winners of adults, female and male, courtesy of Embutidos Herrero.

There will be a special recognition for the first local classifieds.

The "walkers" mode will have a list of arrival times at the finish line, without distinction of categories by age or sex, or opting for any prize or trophy, as this mode is understood as non-competitive.

All participants will be given a souvenir gift of the test, as well as all the prizes that the organization can get.

Article 7. Timing

The control will be at the finish line, and all runners must pass through the areas established by the organization for control. If necessary, the appropriate judge controls will also be established along the route.

The race will be technically controlled by personnel from the Salamanca Delegation of the Castilla y León Athletics Federation.

Claims may be submitted up to 30 minutes after the results are published on the leaderboard, verbally to the Referee of the event, who will decide in the last instance.

After the deadline for submitting claims, and once resolved, the classification will be official and can be consulted on the website enabled by the Organization.

Article 8. Other services

There will be a refreshment station in the Plaza Mayor, where water and drinks will be provided as well as some food to regain strength at the end of the test.

The organization will make available the showers at the Sports Center facilities for all participants, as well as a place to leave clothes and other belongings during the race.

You may not accompany or provide assistance to the athlete, by any means, vehicle or person that is not authorized by the organization.

Article 9. Medical Services

A medical and ambulance service will be available to care for runners in the Start and Finish area and during the route, from half an hour before the start of the test and up to half an hour after the end of it.

Article 10. Insurance

All participants will be included in a sports accident and civil liability insurance that will cover them in possible accidents that occur as a result of the development of the race, and never as a result of a latent condition or defect, injury, recklessness, negligence, non-observance of the laws and of the articles of the Regulation, indications of the organization, etc., nor those produced in the trips to and from the place where the race takes place.

Article 11. Regulations

Participants are not authorized to run accompanied by pets (dogs) or other people outside the competition, especially minors, since they are in breach of article 144 of the IAAF, and by virtue of which they will be disqualified, therefore that will not appear in the final classification and will not be able to access any of the prizes or gifts that the organization grants.

Likewise, participants are reminded that any incident caused or suffered by the aforementioned pets or people outside the competition and intruders in the race will not be covered by the insurance subscribed by the organization, with the responsibility, where appropriate, on whoever introduces them. in the race.

All runners who:

  • They do not comply with the current regulations of the RFEA and, failing that, with that of the IAAF

  • Do not provide the documentation required by the Organization to identify them and verify the date of birth.

  • At the discretion of the medical service of the event and the referee judge they show a bad physical condition.

  • Do not do the full tour.

  • Do not run with the original number or alter or hide its advertising.

  • Do not go through the checkpoint established at the finish line.

  • Take the number awarded to another runner.

  • Knowing your inability to participate in the test, provide wrong information or omit it in order to do so.

  • Enroll or participate in a different category than the one corresponding to their age.

  • Manifest unsportsmanlike behavior or are repeated in protests before the Organization outside of what is stipulated in the articles of these regulations.

  • Do not heed the instructions of the judges or staff of the Organization.

  • Enter the finish line without a race number.

  • Access the race starting area from a different place than the one indicated by the Organization and / or do not respect the area reserved for the exit of certain athletes.

Article 12. Data protection

According to the sports, promotion, distribution and exploitation interests of the V RACE POPULAR DE LUMBRALES (reproduction of photographs of the event, publication of qualifying lists, etc.) through any device (Internet, advertising, etc.) and without limit temporary, registrants expressly assign to the organization the right to reproduce the name and surname, the site obtained in the general classification and that of the participant, the category, the sports brand made and their image.

In accordance with Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, which regulates the Protection of Personal Data, the Lumbrales City Council informs that all personal data provided in the registration form will be incorporated into automated files owned by the City Council of Lumbrales, and that they comply with the organizational and security measures required by the Security Measures Regulation regulated by RD 1720/2007. Your personal data will be used in the terms provided by current legislation, and for the aforementioned purpose. If you wish, you can exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation, and opposition, which are recognized by the aforementioned Organic Law, by writing to the following address:


Plaza Mayor, 1

37,240 Lumbrales (Salamanca)

Likewise, it is reported that said files may be transferred to the sponsoring companies for commercial purposes, unless expressly opposed by the broker, by marking the box that will be enabled for this purpose.

Article 13. Modifications

The Organization reserves the right to modify these Regulations, communicating any modification through the Lumbrales City Council website.

The Organization will not assume any responsibility if the event is suspended or postponed for reasons of force majeure.

Participation in the competition implies acceptance of these Regulations. For everything not contemplated in these Regulations, the regulations of the IAAF, the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation and the Athletics Federation of Castilla y León will apply.

For more information or to contact the organization at the email: ; Phone 652 83 92 75.

Children's Categories



Benjamins / Fingerlings

Infants / Cadets

Birth year






100 m.

350 m.

500 m.

1,000 m.

Adult Categories





16 - 39 years

+ 40 years


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