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We intend, through this website, to inform about everything of general and personal interest, thus maintaining a relationship between the City Council and the population that can provide current and affordable information on our town.

Aware of the massive use, which at all levels, is awakening by the use of new technologies, we agree that it is the most suitable and fastest conduit to generate mutual communication.

Convinced that the evolution and prosperity of the towns, to provide a greater and better quality of life to their inhabitants, should not be entrusted or decided exclusively by the action, intervention and decision of their Town Councils, from here we invite everyone, so that With your recognized and valuable knowledge, you will contribute: initiatives, suggestions, orientations, proposals, observations, solutions ... thus collaborating directly in the fastest and most fruitful development of our people.

With the confidence that this greeting is always present and without any discouragement in completing it, for all, neighbors and visitors, a cordial greeting from the entire Corporation.

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