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The lombo the rolls

Whenever I see them they remind me of that riddle they told us when we were children: "Between two ferocious rocks, a man comes out shouting." And I can not help but imagine the Hombrito there in the middle, contorted, brandishing his stick menacingly and calling us all to get into your property and step on it sembrao.

This is obviously not the case. The lozenge of the rolls has nothing to do with that part of our anatomy, it could even be said that there, thanks to the rockrose and the oaks around it, it smells wonderfully. But that does not mean that it keeps its history and its legend in the collective unconscious of our community.


Someone once commented that those stones were two balls of wool that the Virgin Mary was winding up one afternoon when it would be boring. Who knows? She must have had, there is no doubt about that, because when the Child was born they brought him quite a few. They were lambs then, but surely he kept them in his portal and afterwards they would give him good wool.

Others say that they are the breasts of a woman, who would breastfeed God knows who, and there are those who claim that they are neither more nor less than the fossilized testicles of the tyrannosaurus rex. For imagining that it does not remain.


In any case, the lombo de los Rollos is well worth a visit. It is just four kilometers from Lumbrales that are covered in a pleasant walk of less than an hour between fields planted with oaks and holm oaks, stone walls and shepherd's huts, enjoying an air so pure that it could make those who are not used to it dizzy. to breathe uncontaminated oxygen fully. You should go to the Fire Station and, taking the path that leaves it on your left, cross the old road and go straight for those few kilometers. It has no loss and, when you arrive, you will see them right away.


Perhaps now is not the time, but, from next spring, think about it, you will do a little exercise and you will enjoy these cavalry stones that the whim of nature has wanted to mold. Perhaps they are not sacred, perhaps the archaic myths, legends and rituals that attribute magical or supernatural character to it are not more than that, rites and legends. But with a little imagination, I'm sure you will also see something special ... as long as the threatening little man does not come out screaming with his cayá .

In that case, don't run, which is worse.

; )


PS.- Perhaps some of you have heard a story or legend about them, if so, we would appreciate it if you would tell us to add it to the cultural heritage of our history. Another day we will ask you to tell us something about the golden calf of Las Merchanas.

A walk of just four kilometers that will take you to a world of legend and fantasy.
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