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Eduardo Martín, vetona soul

In the history of peoples there are always people who, although we cannot say that they change their course, somehow mark an entire era with their imprint. They are ahead of their time putting in value what many of us ignore or despise and that, later, will become the differential fact that will identify us as a people and of which we will feel proud.


After Father Morán, of whom we had hardly any references beyond associating him with the image of that peculiar priest who investigated stones, Eduardo Martín has been the great architect who valued our enormous historical heritage, especially the Castro de Las Merchanas, facilitating, with the transfer of the pieces recovered by him, the creation of a very interesting Archaeological Museum in Lumbrales that would be the base of the current Vetón Territory Museum.


For years, as a teacher of the schools of Cerralbo and Lumbrales first and in his retirement later, Don Eduardo investigated and collected for everyone the little jewels that, despite being sometimes in the sight of anyone, only he knew how to identify and decipher. . Its collection of archaeological pieces, inventoried by Patrimonio, is one of the most important in the Community and today they are already part of our cultural heritage.

But the value of Don Eduardo was not only to rescue part of that patrimony of all. His great work has been to make us share in his passion for archeology and get us to know each other much better and feel more proud of our own identity, a story that we largely did not know and that today begins to lay the foundations of a growing offer tourist and cultural.


From now on, no one will explain Las Merchanas as Don Eduardo did, with the waste of knowledge and enthusiasm that he put into it. But neither today will anyone dare to leave them in oblivion again, because Las Merchanas we are all now, because it is our past and our present, but also a rising value of our future that has selflessly bequeathed to us and that we are obliged to maintain and reinforce. .

Thanks Eduardo. Sit tibi terra levis.

Let the earth be mild.

Teacher and amateur archaeologist, he was the promoter of the Archaeological Museum of Lumbrales and the recovery of the Castro Vetón

Eduardo Martín was the great supporter of our enormous historical heritage, especially the Castro de Las Merchanas.
Eduardo Martín, on the right of the image, in one of the many guided tours that he selflessly offered during his last years.
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