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Agustín Villoria, craftsman

A carpenter by profession, and a craftsman by hobby since forever, Agustín Villoria has taken advantage of the years of his retirement to make wooden reproductions of the most representative monuments of the town of Lumbrales - the Parish Church, the Clock Tower and the Hermitage of Humilladero- , in addition to a complete collection of the Trades of Yesteryear.

The assignment will be for an indefinite time according to the wishes of the author, who "for a long time had the illusion of showing them all together" -

In one of the two rooms on the ground floor of the building attached to the courtyard of the Casa de los Condes, large models of the Parish Church, the Clock Tower and the Hermitage of Humilladero have been installed. These are scale reproductions made with great detail of both the exterior and the interior, authentic works of art derived from ingenuity, skill and the work of many hours.

The second of the exhibition rooms houses the models of seven trades of yesteryear: carpentry, masonry, the forge, a vegetable garden, a flour mill, a wine press and a loom, representative of the wool industry that was so important in Lumbrales until the middle of the 20th century. All these reproductions are made with very small pieces and with all the details, including the tools and in many of them with movement.

This interesting collection of woodwork, which is accessed from the courtyard of the Casa de los Condes, can be visited during the opening hours of the Tourist Office.

The Casa de los Condes offers, since May 2019, an interesting Exhibition of models provided by Agustín Villoria

The sample includes reproductions of the church, the hermitage and the clock tower of the town, as well as a faithful sample of different ancient trades

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Agustin Villoria
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